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Study Abroad & 走了

Centre is your passport to see the world.

As one of the top colleges in the United States for study abroad, we offer options in 12 countries spanning five continents. Many of our programs also include internship placements as well as local orientation programs and educational excursions. Additional study abroad and away opportunities during CentreTerm bring even more locations to your doorstep and allow nearly half of Centre students to study abroad more than once in their four years on campus. 

Our faculty go abroad, 太, allowing them to live on-site with you, share their knowledge of the region, and plan trips and activities. Each year, about 25 members of our faculty — from disciplines across the academic spectrum — teach their subjects in the context of another culture.









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Travel the World,
Expand Your Mind

Every Centre student gets a chance to study abroad. With more than 30 international locations each year to choose from, you’ll gain an immersive educational experience inside and outside of the classroom


Study Abroad

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What makes our 17 semester-long residential programs special? They cost the same as room and board back on campus, making Centre the least expensive way to live and learn abroad.

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If you prefer a shorter study abroad experience, CentreTerm is your answer. You’ll travel with a faculty member who is an expert on the location and subject matter.

student working with kids in Merida, 墨西哥 for study abroad


Just like our CentreTerm program, our summer courses are another option for shorter travel abroad experiences. Previous course locations have included Barbados, Fiji, El Salvador, and South Africa.

The opportunity to study abroad in Morocco and 西班牙 broadened my horizons. It allowed me to become invested and immersed in a culture that I otherwise wouldn't have.

Asher Rafkin

Anthropology, class of 2025

Chester, NJ

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Study 走了

If you’re looking to stay closer to home, you can opt for our study away study and internship programs in New York City and Washington, D.C. 

Learn more about our study away program



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成本 and Details

The cost of studying abroad is essentially the equivalent of studying at Centre with minor additional fees to consider. Learn more about your cost responsibilities and how to access additional funding.

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Internships Abroad

If you’re interested in participating in an internship abroad, start your search by seeing our internship listings or by talking to one of our career counselors.

Study Abroad Locations

Centre offers semester-long abroad opportunities in the following places.

Flag of 英格兰


英格兰 is all about options.

Flag of 墨西哥


Explore Mayan ruins and immerse yourself in the Spanish language.

Flag of 法国


Study at the crossroads of Europe.

Flag of 德国


Immerse yourself in the German language.

Flag of Ireland

Northern Ireland

An exclusive and selective opportunity.

Flag of 苏格兰


Breathtaking views and Scottish Enlightenment.

Flag of 西班牙


Explore the richness of 西班牙 in Alicante.

Flag of 中国


Experience the city of the future.

Flag of 日本


Experience the Western ancient capital of the Ouchi culture.

Flag of 不丹


Immerse yourself in contemporary 不丹ese lifestyle.

Flag of 加纳


Study in a culture steeped in a rich and vibrant tradition.

National flag of 厄瓜多尔, a study abroad location


Experience one of the most culturally and geographically diverse countries in the world.

Study Abroad and 走了 FAQs

Here is a sampling of common questions students ask us about our study abroad programs. To see additional questions, go to the Study Abroad FAQ page

Centre runs its own recurring semester programs in Strasbourg, 法国; Merida, 墨西哥; and London. 

As Centre students, you can also regularly participate in Centre-sponsored programs in 英格兰 at the University of Reading; Rose Bruford University in 英格兰; Akita, 日本; Thimphu, 不丹; Northern Ireland; Glasgow, 苏格兰; Alicante, 西班牙; Erlangen, 德国; Taipei, Taiwan; Shanghai, 中国; and Nantes, 法国.

You may also participate in specialized, short-term January programs, named CentreTerm, which change locations each winter. Centre's summer programs normally last three weeks. There are many Kentucky Institute for International Studies (KIIS) programs as well; about 24 KIIS programs are offered each summer. 

If you’re more domestically minded, Centre runs a study away program in Washington, D.C. and New York City. 

You are not allowed to study abroad during your first year on campus, but we welcome and encourage you to study abroad during sophomore, 初级, and/or senior year. There is no right or wrong time to study abroad, though certain factors, such as academic requirements and sports schedules, may influence your decision. 

You should be aware that although Centre does guarantee you the opportunity to study abroad, we cannot guarantee that you can study abroad in the particular program and at the particular time of your choosing. We encourage you to drop by Centre Global in Old Carnegie to discuss options and the application process.

We make information about and applications for next year’s semester programs as well as CentreTerm offerings available at campus-wide meetings just before Thanksgiving and in early January. 

Applications for the following school year (fall, CentreTerm, and spring) are due at the beginning of spring term, and faculty directors of your chosen courses announce selections within two weeks. 

Centre has endowed funds designated to help some students on need-based financial aid to cover some additional costs of study abroad programs. 也, rising seniors who receive need-based financial aid and have unmet need (or “gap”) and who have not yet studied abroad or away before their final year may be eligible to receive a Senior Subsidy to help pay for a CentreTerm or summer program during their senior year. 

Study Abroad & 走了 Information